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Trunkey Project Solutions

Airbox Concepts Pvt Ltd is one of leading Trunkey Project Solutions provider for the best & Clean Enviornment at working & production premises, based in Central India, Hingana, MIDC Nagpur, Maharashtra.

We're known for Single Roof Product Solutions such as HVAC, Cleanroom, Laboratories, Operation theatres, Doors & Passbox as right from Designing to commissioning has been taken place under Single Roof with the help of highly skilled & experienced team.

Let's Explore our Products & Products

Airbox make customise floor mounted vertical Horizontal and ceiling suspended, single and double skin, single and double decker, DX, Cw coil Capacity 500 to 200000cfm.

Air washer unit

Single / Double Skin
Single / Double effect cooling option.
Capacity - 5600cfm to 560000cfm

TFA ( treated Filtered Air )

Capacity - 4000cfm to 20000cfm
Double & Single Skin
Sandwich Panel Thickness - 25mm to 80mm
Thermal & Non Thermal Profile
MERV-8 to MERV 15 filter optional
7 to 12% of Energy saving Devices (Optional)

Air washer unit single and double effects, single skin double skin optional, optional cooling option capacity from 5000frm to 500000cfm.

Laminar Flow Unit

Type - Horizontal/Vertical/Reverse
MOC - SS 304, CRC Powder Coated
Operating - Manual/Automatic
Size - Customized
Class - A, B, C.


Cleanroom ( Scientific ) Door
Customized Fire Door
Surface Finished, Powder Coated / SS
Thickness - 46 mm
Branded Hardware
Size - Single, Double, triple & 4 Leaf

Fan Coil Unit

Capacity 1.5 to 7.5 Tr
Flow - Medium / High Velocity
Type :- Vertical, Wall mounted / Ceiling Suspended
Remote operating, Manual Optional

Pass box static and Dynamic

MOC - SS304 and CRC Powder Coated
Size - Customized
Dispaly - Digital
Interlocking - Electronic
Optional : UV light with Hour meter
Remote : Operating / Optional